Submit your final assignment in Teams

Via Teams it is possible to submit your final assignment per subject. How does this work?

The new way of submitting final assignments is done via Teams. You can submit your final assignment here at any time. You are therefore no longer bound by a submission date. It is of course important to follow the planning of your studies. Resits can also be submitted at any time.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to submit your final assignment.

  1. Open the team at the learning track that you want to complete, you can do this for example via the EdHub, but also directly via Teams:

  2. Once you are in the Team you can find the Assignments tab in the General channel at the top. Click here:

  3. Under this tab you will find the assignments that belong to the team, usually this is only one. Note: you must have the assignment with the label 'final assignment':

  4. Once you have opened the assignment, you can find all the information about the criteria and the work to be delivered. Add your work by clicking the button below:

  5. When you have added all your work, choose submit. You can do this at any time:

  6. As soon as your grade has been checked, you will automatically receive a message in Teams. Your grade will also be updated in the EdHub as soon as it is known:

Below is a video about this same process: